What fee models are advisors using?


There's already been raging debates about which fee model advisors should be using. The general consensus is that there's no one-size-fits-all. What may feel right to you may not feel right for your clients, and explaining the different models available can be complex. This is where our 2022 fee white paper comes in.

We conducted the same billing study in 2021 and will walk you through the similarities and differences of the data, comparing what's been trending and how our advisors have been taking billing into their own hands. This white paper will:

  • Share the trends in billing and fees you've seen in the industry
  • Breakdown aggregate data to show different approaches     taken by larger firms (more than $100M AUM)
  • Offer insights for where the industry may be headed

If billing and fees have been a pain point for you in the past, discover what Advyzon advisors are doing within in their own practice. There is no one way to make it work, but you may just find a start.


Download the full white paper!