How should advisors be billing?


In 2022, we saw some advisors rethink their pricing in anticipation of a possible recession or downturn in 2023. And while we did see quite a bit of volatility throughout the year, particularly in the late summer and early fall, we didn’t see the kind of turmoil that might drive advisors to rethink their fee structures. Still, we noticed a few shifts in how some firms are thinking about billing.

This white paper will offer comparative analyses from 2021 until present. From picking out patterns to identifying advisor shifts in thinking, our third annual special report is geared to help you take billing into your own hands. In addition, this white paper will address:
  • Why billing on a quarterly basis jumped from 74% to 81% since 2021
  • Why both performance-based billing and average daily balance continue to see steady growth
  • Why flat fee billing saw a decline in 2023
  • What trends we've noticed across various fee schedules
  • Billing trends to look out for in 2024

If billing and fees have been a pain point for you in the past, discover what Advyzon advisors are doing within their own practices. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but this report may be the start of finding a solution that works for you.


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